Sponsored Content | TekniPlex Consumer Products tackles sustainability challenges with innovative “Sustainability And…” strategy

In today’s market, where sustainability is top of mind, TekniPlex Consumer Products is stepping in with a fresh perspective. Their “Sustainability And…” approach strikes a balance between environmental responsibility and product functionality through advanced materials science.

Our goal is to make products more sustainable while also improving performance across various parameters, including product protection, shelf life extension, cost-competitiveness, and consumer convenience. Liners can play a valuable role in helping brands reduce waste and increase recyclability. We’re committed to considering environmental impact and carbon footprint in everything we do“, said Aurélie Emond, VP IPS of TekniPlex Consumer Products.

TekniPlex Consumer Products has developed innovative ways to help brands in many key areas:

Improving Recyclability
Mono-material ProtecSeals® liners and recyclable TPO gaskets from TekniPlex Consumer Products are designed to increase acceptance of cosmetic packaging in waste streams where recycling infrastructure is available.

Improving recyclability in product packaging is crucial for reducing environmental impact, meeting changing consumer demands, and complying with stricter regulations. It can also lead to cost savings, enhanced brand image, better conservation of resources, and a competitive edge for brands.

Reduced Carbon Footprint
ProtecSeals® liners offer a wide variety of material options to help brands reduce their carbon footprint. From bioresins, PCR, to paper solutions, TekniPlex’s material solutions feature a lower environmental impact than virgin plastics while maintaining the same high-quality performance characteristics. This not only helps companies meet regulatory and consumer demands but can also drive innovation and build customer loyalty and trust.

Premium Liners help Reduce Waste
Luxe® Seal, the luxury embossed seal from TekniPlex Consumer Products that can feature customers’ logos, protects sensitive ingredients, and extends the lifespan of premium formulations. This helps brands reduce returns and waste. The company’s Sniff Seal solution combines unique fragrance diffusion and product protection with a permeable yet protective layer that allows consumers to experience the product essence without compromising packaging integrity. The packaging remains intact throughout the supply chain and and potential return processes, eliminating the need for product opening.

In conclusion, innovation under the Sustainability And… approach supports the creation of more sustainable product packaging while fulfilling critical business needs so brands and the planet can thrive.

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