Exclusive from American Spraytech | Conscious beauty in a can: how the aerosol industry can adapt to evolving consumers

Manav Lalwani, Chief Executive Officer at American Spraytech discusses at ADF Paris 2024 how the aerosol industry can adapt to evolving consumers with his colleagues Rasheedad Ipaye, manager of new partner engagement, and Samantha Lachmann, director of innovation.

How the aerosol industry can adapt to evolving consumers:

Manav discusses how the team is excited to talk about conscious beauty. He states that one of the main things that they feel the industry needs to always remember is our consumers, and the fact they have fun with our products. However, the reason they buy the products isn’t because those products not only work, but they resonate with them at a higher level. He explains that the products relate to their values, what they feel is important, whether it’s environmentally, socially, or economically.

Key points from the conference:

  • The team talked through their innovation efforts at American Spraytech and what they’ve learned regarding the development process and how they can build in values for their consumers. 
  • This is to ensure that the ultimate product result resonates with their consumers.
  • Incorporating this will develop a lifelong loyalty with their products so the industry can keep growing.

Have you enjoyed Paris Packaging Week 2024?

Manav explains that they are excited to be back at ADF for a second year. American Spraytech is the first and only American contract development and manufacturing organisation at ADF and they are really excited to be back.

We feel like this is where the global conversation around aerosols happen and we’re so excited to be a part of that. This is a great show and we’re looking forward to a partnership for many years to come” stated Manav Lalwani.

Watch the full interview here :

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