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The packaging, in addition to being necessary for the transport of a product, speaks of the values ​​of a brand, is part of the product experience, connects with a specific public and provides data both at a legal and attitudinal level.

Ecodesign contemplates sustainability criteria from the conception of the product or service to its elimination; trying to reduce the environmental impact during the life cycle of the product.
The impact of its production process, its transport and its subsequent recycling are questioned.

For a container to be considered sustainable, it must be made only from ecological materials; such as our cartons that come exclusively from sustainable sources (FSC® C167635 Certification), or by 100% ecological materials, created, among others, from sugar cane and other remains, and above all by recycled and recyclable plastics.

Another primary purpose of ecopackaging is to contribute to a sustainable circular model, so its reduction in CO2 emissions must be guaranteed as much as possible, both in its manufacture and in its transport.
Our motivation and inspiration is no longer just to recycle the containers once used, the concept is to design them to favor their reuse and/or recycling in a simpler and more sustainable way. Monomaterials. And highlight the concept of the 5R: Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Recover and Recycle.

Consumers look for and trust environmentally responsible brands.
These have begun their journey to reach the public through sustainability. It is necessary to adopt responsible policies to keep up with the market and its competitors.

Our corporate strategy is based on a circular economy, in which recycled and recyclable materials are used and intelligent design is put into practice. Betting on the manufacture of eco packaging in a sustainable way and making it reusable or recyclable.

Sustainable packaging must connect with the new generations.
Within the sustainability objectives of the European Union for 2030, it will be to make reusable mono-material pieces of packaging.

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