Grupo Seripafer for LETIbalm Fluido Nature

Ecofriendly Packaging + POS for points of sale.

Made with materials made from organic waste that replaces virgin tree pulp with organic produce waste.

Packaging: Material made from 100% green energy, 40% post-consumer recycled and replacing up to 15% virgin tree pulp with waste from the corn flour refining process. FSC® certified and reduced carbon footprint by 20%.

Exhibitor: Points of sale made with material of plant origin 100% sugar cane. Biodegradable and compostable material which contributes, from its manufacture to its decomposition, to the sustainability of the planet.

Once again, “less is more” continues to be the instinct when it comes to durability and finishes, where Premium results are also achieved with special details.

At a time when materials are becoming scarce, the use of organic waste relieves pressure on forest resources.

Reduction in the use of fossil waste.
Reduction of gas emissions.
Development and improvement of conditions and safety in the production area.
Reduction of energy costs.
Promotion of sustainable values ​​in society.

At Grupo Seripafer we work to improve our environmental commitment; This is why we use FSC® certified materials.

In addition, our ECOVADIS Certification helps us in the continuous improvement of our standards.

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