Anna Jayne Withey

Creative designer

Tangle Teezer

Anna Jayne has only been working in the design industry for three years, but has quickly made an impact on her business by increasing brand appeal, recognition and sales through packaging design. With a strong academic background in psychology, Anna Jayne has used her understanding of consumer needs and behaviour to integrate design psychology into her packaging designs. This includes elements such as colour theory, structure, shape and texture. Her greatest source of pride has always been her commitment to using design to bring joy to consumers by responding empathetically to their evolving needs and desires. She sees herself as a future leader in the field of design, as she is constantly immersed in innovative technologies and consumer trends; Anna Jayne seeks to improve herself and her community by understanding the global evolution of desires. Her aim is to ensure that, whether at Tangle Teezer, or later in her career, packaging becomes an integral part of the overall consumer experience, going beyond the simple act of buying the product itself. She was inspired by the global economic and environmental crisis and realised that consumers are paying for packaging that doesn’t add to their experience and ends up being thrown away. Inspired by this goal, she recently submitted a proposal to her brand and marketing team.

She was excited to see the potential of this additional consumer experience that can be involved in the upcoming AW 2024 coffee colour collection, offering a sustainable and immersive consumer experience. Anna Jayne believes it is our duty as future designers to find ways to minimise waste and environmental impact, but she is deeply passionate about the harmonious integration of design, psychology and technology to achieve this. Anna Jayne also believes that this should be possible for all brands, whatever their budgetary constraints, by encouraging designers to work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers to share knowledge and ideas and generate innovative solutions. Discover all Future Leaders

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