Guerlain teams up with Atelier Truscelli for 2022 Muguet edition

For the 2022 edition of its Muguet fragrance celebrating May Day and France’s lily-of-the-valley tradition, Guerlain (LVMH) called on Atelier Truscelli.

For Guerlain’s Muguet fragrance this year, Truscelli transposed the lily-of-the valley flower to jewelry; enameled leaves in a vibrant green contrast with the floral sprig’s bell-shaped flowers set with sparkling crystals.

The flower is created via lost wax casting. Molten brass is poured into the mold, and 130 zirconium oxide stones are set by hand into the delicate flowers. Next comes a rhodium bath to turn the brass white. The leaves are cold enameled twice, with the second pass allowing for the creation of volume effects.

Guerlain’s Dames de Table attach the jewel adornment to the bee bottle (Pochet du Courval) using a silver thread. The flacon comes in a box coated in white paper, decorated with the brand’s iconic bee motif.

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