PLD Innovation Awards 2023

In December 2022, our prestigious jury from brands including Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, The Coca Cola Company and many more came together to judge the PLD Innovation Awards. 

An official awards ceremony was held on 25 & 26 January 2023 at PLD Paris. Scroll down to discover the winners! Entries for the 2024 Innovation Awards will open in late autumn this year.

Mass Market Innovation - Award winner

Award winner

Single Malt Whisky Loyal Bandit, Draup Spirits – Maison Linea

The objective was to create a premium French whisky (with a price positioning of 30€) responding to the specificities of mass distribution. The mission was to create a premium, personalised, ecological and economical product.

To premiumise this glass standard, they decorated the brand with a digital printing technique on tinted imitation relief glass. This technique allows a qualitative visual rendering while respecting reasonable material costs.

Mass Market Innovation - Certificate winners

Certificate winner

Havana Club 7 años x Burna Boy limited edition – Pernod Ricard

The Havana Club 7 limited edition bottle continues the brand’s commitment to supporting artists and celebrating the voices of their generation, in this case Grammy winner Burna Boy. The artist and Havana Club share a common bond in paying tribute to their roots, from Nigeria to Cuba, and Burna Boy wanted to ensure that the limited edition bottle reflected this pride in their origins.

Certificate winner

Villa Moncigale – Cicada

Designing the bottle of tomorrow for a premium brand in Provence in a highly competitive market was the main objective. The constraint was to have an industrially produced volume product while keeping the uniqueness and beauty of the bottle and to be in line with the DNA of the brand with its geometrical shape, its curves and its facets representing the cicada.

Super & Ultra Innovation - Award winners

Alfred & Joe - Edmond de Rotschild & SAS BEMAD

A visually disturbing pack, protecting the magnum inside. It is made of paper and can be delivered flat. Its application is adaptable to any market, cosmetics, wines & spirits, or fine food.

Veuve Clicquot Ice Jacket - Veuve Clicquot & ATS

An innovative, ecological and unique material. The first 100% rPET and recyclable pouch, this new version takes sustainability to the next level. It also uses the revolutionary "3D knitting" technology from the fashion industry, limiting any excess material used.

Super & Ultra Innovation - Certificate winner

Certificate winner


Given the novelty of this material and the production process, the design agency used moulded cellulose to enhance this emblematic product of the Nikka brand.

Luxury Innovation - Award winners

Découverte Perpétuelle, Distillerie Piron - MAISON LINEA

The objective was to create a cognac that differentiates itself from the alcohol category. Unlike high-end bottles with sophisticated finishing touches, the mission is to create a product that is as 'raw' as possible (brut de fût).

Havana Club 7 años x Burna Boy limited VIP edition - Pernod Ricard

Havana Club and Burna Boy bring the fabric to life with a unique skill to produce hand-woven tassels on both the bottle cap and the top of the main label. These fabrics have been assembled by hand directly onto the bottle using rare traditional techniques.

Luxury Innovation - Certificate winner

Certificate winner

Camus XO – CAMUS La Grande Marque

The objective was to bring Cognac back to the centre of the dining table, by creating a desirable and timeless object. The agency CARRÉ NOIR created a decanter in line with Camus’ DNA. A decanter in extra-white glass, whose size was previously optimised to optimise logistics and to remove labels and overexposed branding in order to bring back elegance and beauty.

Value Added Packaging

Award winner

XO End of Year 22-23 – Rémy Martin – Groupe Rémy Cointreau & Hucais Packing Arts Europe

The requirements were both aesthetic and technical: to produce a design box, made of a single material (paper and cardboard only), without injection, ribbon or magnet. The fan, the “surprise” element of the pack, had to be well positioned, to create a defined decoration around the decanter.

Award winner

Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga End of Year – Dom Pérignon & Pusterla 1880

Like Lady Gaga, who constantly pushes the limits of creativity, the Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga collaboration is a testament to this creative dynamic by going beyond the limits of technique. This tin can illustrates the contrast between the rigidity of the material and the visual effect of a “balloon”.

Sustainable Innovation - Award winner

Award winner

Etui Crayères Dom Ruinart – PUSTERLA 1880 – James Cropper

The new case is made of paper and has been moulded in one piece. The clasp is a major innovation as it does not require the use of magnets, plastic wedges or any other material.

Sustainable Innovation - Certificate winners

Veuve Clicquot Ice Box - LVMH - Van Genechten Packaging

Reusable and recyclable, this clever box turns into an eco-friendly champagne bucket. Designed to last (and last), it is made from cardboard and paper from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests.


A responsible and eco-designed gift box with a natural, deliberately "raw" and unique aesthetic. With the aim of reducing its environmental impact. Technical challenges linked to industrialisation were taken up.


Award winner

Degustation kit Perrier-Jouët Pernod Ricard

The idea was to develop a new sustainable modular packaging for an ultra-premium tasting kit that could be sent via all platforms to VIP customers. A sustainable luxury packaging that could be sent via e-commerce without being damaged in transit.

The kit protects the flutes and the bottle and offers a unique remote tasting experience. The kit can be tailored to the customer’s needs.

Packaging Redesign

Award winner

Noblige – Martell – Pernod Ricard

Martell Noblige’s packaging has been redesigned to strikingly convey its flair, energy and unconventional attitude. The iconic bottle shape remains unchanged, but is enhanced with a large engraved Martell Swift emblem. With a more dynamic font and colour.

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