Positive Luxury report | The way to win

‘The way to win’ is Positive Luxury’s 2023 predictions report.  Positive Luxury are an organisation who help brands adapt to the new sustainability economy. They developed the ‘Butterfly Mark’ which is a well-recognised, industry-leading certification that recognises luxury brands who are committed to having a positive impact on nature and society.

This trend report highlights the challenging environment we are entering in 2023 and how we can mitigate the soon-to-be adverse effects of climate change by working collaboratively.

Read the full report to discover:

  • How we should implement radical and transformative changes to push back the adverse effects of climate change on our environment
  • Brand transparency and how this does not necessarily translate to higher sustainability ratings
  • How we should embrace diversity within our businesses, and ensure good representation of all cultures
  • The need to rebuild the connection between economy and ecology
  • The global diversity framework
  • The importance of investing back into nature
  • The social importance of supplier relationships for disruptive sustainability-driven innovation
  • The importance of building CEO supplier relationships and taking suppliers on the journey
  • Radical transparency in governance, specifically top down transparency
  • How we can unlock climate change adaptation through investing in innovation
  • And so much more!

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