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Monia Merabet, founder of WeOutWow, an agency of trends and strategic innovation, talks about the packaging trends in the fragance industry. 

“There is no denying that the fragrance market has strongly been impacted by the pandemic. When most people around the world had to stay home and wear masks when socializing, the need for fragrances seemed less important. However, consumers did not completely write off perfumes but instead shifted their usage and their expectations. It turns out that across 11 different countries, 56% of consumers appreciated fragrances more during lockdown and 56% also took more comfort in the scents they used (source : Firmenich Covid-19 Global Survey).

As a result, the fragrance market is offering a growing number of mood boosting scents or or perfumes that have an impact on wellness. The packaging side of the fragrance business has also been influenced and a few interesting trends are taking more space in this global market.


With stores being closed and people being stuck at home for days and sometimes weeks on end, brands had to come up with new ways to reach their potential customers. To facilitate trials, many companies launched discovery boxes with small-sized bottles of their best sellers. Consumers could order them online and experience them in the comfort and safety of their own home. Now that restrictions are lowering, many consumers still opt for travel size products. The first reason is that they enjoyed experimenting and testing various smells and they now have a taste for change and discovery. The second is that, while long distance travel is still difficult, trips in the same country and sometimes even same region have become increasingly popular, and on such occasions travel size products are a must.


Another trend impacting packaging in the fragrance market is the need for cleaner, more eco-friendly products. Refillable bottles that were once marketed as a more affordable system (refilling being less expensive than buying a new bottle) have now gained another purpose. Some brands even have refill stations where consumers can come with their empty bottle and fill them on-site, all in an effort to reduce unnecessary packaging. In terms of materials that are still essential, recycled and recyclable components (pumps and caps included) are becoming the norm as consumers are very sensitive to the life cycle of the products they buy and are looking for small to zero-waste options.


If smaller size and greener packaging are preferred, consumers still want their perfumes to bring them a sense of joy and playfulness. Perfume is above all a way for individuals to express their personality and uniqueness so they want these characteristics to also be represented in the packaging of their favorite scent. Colorful glass (like the one used for Vyrao perfumes), roll-ons (for ease of use but also for the sensorial gesture it creates) or boxes for solid perfumes (like the Henry Jacques Luxury cases) are making a come-back. Younger generations are also attracted to tech-friendly packaging offering VR or gaming experiences in addition to unique bottle shapes.

The fragrance packaging sector is full of innovations in terms of materials, like recycled or lightweight glass, outer packaging made of 100% natural fiber or separable pumps with screwable-unscrewable necks for easy refill. Add to that original design and a bit of technology (like bottles equipped with augmented reality systems or scanable packaging to access games or have more infos on the product) and you get products that consumers are craving for. In the end, practical, sensible and creative perfume packaging is now, more than ever, what they are looking for and excited about.”  says Monia Merabet, founder of WeOutWow. 

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