Beiersdorf cuts CO2e in deodorant aerosol cans

Beiersdorf has stated that starting in 2023/24, Beiersdorf’s European deodorant cans (NIVEA, 8X4, Hidrofugal, Hansaplast) will use 50% recycled aluminium and be 11.6% lighter through material reduction.

The brand estimates a 58% reduction in CO2e emissions within the aerosol can supply chain, equivalent to approximately 30 tons of CO2e saved each year.

“Now we are extending this more sustainable packaging solution to the entire deodorant aerosol assortment. This brings us closer to reaching our ambitious climate target that we have set with our CARE BEYOND SKIN Sustainability Agenda: The absolute reduction of our CO2e emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3 by 30% by 2025” said Stephan Roelen, plant manager of Beiersdorf Manufacturing Leipzig.

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