Brazil achieves 100% recycling rate for aluminium cans

Brazil has become the new global benchmark for aluminium can recycling. Abratalas’ Executive Chairman, Catilo Candido, explains the strategies that have led to this outstanding success.

To start with, could you introduce this landmark achievement and give us some insights into how it has been achieved?

“Our recycling model is mature, very well structured and with sufficient capillarity to access and process all UBC´s discarded in Brazil. The can has been growing in consumer preference, with different formats and sizes, and conquering more and more space in the houses in Brazil.

In 2022, we recorded a flow of cans for recycling greater than the volume we sell. It is an unprecedented situation, the result of inventory adjustments throughout the production chain, but which once again confirmed that we are able to absorb and recycle the entire volume of cans consumed in the country, which resulted in the unprecedented rate of 100% recycling of cans” says Catilo Candido, Chairman of Albratas.


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