Focus on… Our favourite packs of the month inspired by Paris Fashion Week

To celebrate Paris Fashion Week, we have rounded up our favourite fashion packs from September! These designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their outstanding work.

Consumer electronics giant Apple has released an ‘Apple Ultra Watch’ which is the first design to join a more ‘rugged’ watch wearers.

The secondary packaging design reflects the new product. The box is manufactured with textured premium card. Absent is the plastic film, and “Apple Watch” is engraved on the top. The box is held together with an innovative tab and slot system that unfolds to show the inside contents.

With the interior, you’ll find a monochromatic scene of the great outdoors, a mountain range in the case of the Alpine model. Ocean models feature choppy ocean waters. Underneath, a white box reveals the watch on one side and a new twist on the “Designed by Apple in California” message on the charger cable holder on the other side.

Packaging Première | Watches

Balmain has unveiled its latest collaboration with The Pokémon Company International, which is both physical and digital.

“Today, they make me think of an earlier, simpler time, when we all shared a rosy vision of all the positive changes that we were certain that digital innovations would make possible. And that’s a key reason why I’m so happy to partner with Pokémon on this collection—because, right now, we could all use a reminder of those past moments of hope and optimism,” said Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing in a release.

Packaging Première | Balmain

Adidas and streetwear designer, Daniel Bailey, recently collaborated on a pair of shoes and its packaging design.

In place of a usual polystyrene box, biodegradable mushroom material, supplied by UK-based Magical Mushroom Company, is used to comprise the shoe box.

Packaging Première | Fashion

Hatton and Spencer Jewellery and Gift Packaging are specialists in jewellery packaging solutions, and the commercial manager has revealed how important having the correct packaging is for jewellery businesses.

Anna Chambers said, “It really does pay to invest time and resources into making sure your packaging and displays add maximum value to your product range. Get it right and you won’t just put a smile on your customers’ faces, you’ll make them feel special and make your product even more memorable. The quality of packaging used can have a drastic effect on customer perception of the product. Introducing a gift-wrapping service can lead to an increase in repeat orders, more word-of-mouth recommendations and is associated with investment in customer service”.

Packaging Première | Jewellery

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